Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smokeout 11

Riding up...

Vender Booth Bikes

Vender booth swag


Sleepy time with tranny

Clementine first place in the XS 650 Show!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Sissy bar and dancing girls

Previous Sissy Bar

5/8" Stainless more fitting sissy bar

Some welding and fitting then it'll be ready to go

Milling stainless bungs

Finished bungs ready to be welded on

550 project progress

Only a few loose ends to button up and this thing will be ready for the road.....

Scotty's 70 Triumph teardown

After a few trips down the road Scotty decided it was time to make this 70 Triumph more his style. So out came the sawzall and a new form began with of a 23 up front with custom narrow trees, cleaning the tank mounts up, and ditching the bolt on hardtail for a one off custom job..

World's longest kickstand!

On the Jig ready to be hardtailed.....