Friday, November 12, 2010

Led Sled Widened, Old Girl, LTD 750 Chop, 750 T140 tail section, 65 xl (Glam Fairy) Tear down, and the killer attach dog

Had to fit a 180 in this Led Sled frame, so...
Jigged, cut, bent, fit, weld, and grind it back to shape.......done.

Harv impacting on the Old Shov

LTD 750 makin some progress

Narrow little Bitch.....

...And short too.

"God Damn Spiral Clips"

Dremel a groove to get to the end of the clip

Don't think the sludge and sand is supposed to be in there

What a mess!!

Split them in half.

She is poised and ready to attach!!!

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  1. Babe, you spell it *attack*. K, love you, Wendy