Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daytona Return

A great time was had at the lot this year in Daytona. We met some of the best in the industry and are very fortunate to have setup with the lot. Now our lot probation is over and we have been accepted as a proud member. The lot is truly a large family with members all over that are the best of people. It was great to hang out with both old and new friends at the lot....Boston Mike, Hollywood, Jeremy and Jordan of Relic, Dale Yamada, Leo, Joey, Lock, Heyltje, Jason, Garco, Led sleds, Havac mag, Taber and Nash crew, MT customs, Papa Clutch, Warren and JR crew, Kendall, Josh, Chris and Cycle source crew and the so many other great people we got to hang out with all week. I am looking forward to seeing most of them in a few months at the BMR.


  1. Yo it was so good meeting you bro!!!!

  2. It was nice meeting your crew I had a blast cruising with you, hopefully you come out to Sturgis!