Monday, November 7, 2011

TBR return........

Tarp Tenting!!

Chris, Matt, and Justin's disco tarp

Outta gas with only 20 miles to the next station, riding solo home did have this downfall, the fuel sight glass doesn't do much good if you don't look at it!!

Thanks to Jorge for putting this great event on, which I'm glad I wasn't sick this year. I had a great time parting, riding, and hanging out with some really great people. It's great to have runs like this that are this much fun in Florida, next year I need to get some of my people that actually ride there bikes in on it. 750mile in 3 days not too bad.


  1. ERIC..THANK YOU BROTHER FOR SUPPORTING "OUR THING" IN FLORIDA!! Hopefully we'll connect somewhere in the future.. great pics ..

    ride safe brother..

  2. Thanks for getting everyone together, you'll have to ride up this way.

    See you at the circus bowl.

    Great event!!