Sunday, February 14, 2010

cb750 butt naked project

Just picked up a 1980 cb750 for bob and chop. The motor is pretty sound other the some cam chain adjustments. the carbs have already been jetted and the air box removed, a rough chop has been don to the ass end and the wiring is very roughly rigged up.

First things first we'll tear her all apart. I've already started tearing down the ass end, removing suspension, fenders, exhaust and covers. ended up with a pile of plastic that has no business being on a scooter.

For this bobber it think I'm going to go with a modification of the 70's "Kong" style frame in order to keep some shorty shocks on it yet still have the drop seat look. Should be fun, not quite as intense as an FNA build, but fun none the less.

Check your service manual for appropriate oil levels.

1 comment:

  1. Doing the same thing to mine. It's my first build and I'm always looking for ideas and help. I felt like iv seen your hole build on here somewere. Any tips would help.